Global Group Overiew

Global Group Is the umbrella of four companies (Global Medical, Global Pharma, Global Modern and Global Tech). It was established In 1995 and grew rapidly till reaching a good position in Egypt. The main office located in the heart of Cairo.
Dr. Gamal Abd Al Rahman: President, CEO, consultant of pediatrics. He is also board member in commercial chamber in Egypt.

Global Pharma

Our factory located in Beni-Suif, Bayad El-Arab industrial zone and built on 7000 m2 area (2000 m2 production area, 3000 m2 management building on 4 floors, 1550 m2 plant area with storing capacity 6000 ton and utilities area).It consists of 5 production lines: Solids, Semi solids, External, Syrup, Pilot Line.We have more than 100 pharmaceutical product in different therapeutic areas,- RIOMETASOL is a unique drug in syrup form, it is considered the only drug for diabetes in syrup form- MENTANATA cream is considered to be broad spectrum anti-bacterial anti-fungal anti allergic drug- GLOBALIZER for treatment of focal seizures and mixed seizuresAnd many other variety of Pharmaceutical, Cosmoceutical and Food supplements


Our Scope

Hospitals and clinics planning, Hospital Turnkey projects, Feasibility study for Health care projects, International and local tenders, Representation of medical equipment companies, After sales and maintenance services & Manufacture of medical furniture and disposables.

Global Medical Company is one of the leading medical equipment companies in Egypt. It was established in 1995 and grew rapidly till reaching a good position in Egypt. The main office is located in the heart of Cairo. Besides, Global Medical has big stores in Egypt. 
  • Make the architecture plans & design documents.
  • Room-by-Room list: Identification of all equipment for all department rooms including medical and non-medical furniture.
  • Making a bill of quantity (BOQ) for the whole equipments & furniture.
  • Making the loaded floor plans (scale 1:100)
  • Room-by-Room data sheet: Technical information for each medical device (dimensions, weight, power consumption, heat dissipation, electrical supply, need to UPS or not,….etc).
  • preparing the electromechanical requirements for each room/space.

Procurement & Site Supervision of equipment

  1. Making specifications for the equipment, medical & non-medical furniture.
  2. Supervision of installation, commissioning, testing, calibration & training
1 - International & local tenders:

Global Medical Company shares in most of the local tenders in Egypt & International tenders financed by the international banks, European community and African bank. Due to its good performance in the medical field, Global Medical won the trust of most of the big banks in Egypt like National bank, Arab bank,…etc. These banks give facilities to the company in the tenders in the form of security, performance and advance payment bonds.
Besides, it managed to gain many tenders for U.S. Aid and NGO’s projects.

2 - Turnkey projects:

Global Medical Company has a turnkey department for both public and private sectors and has successfully won tenders for hospital turnkey projects contracts and health units all over Egypt .it successfully completed these projects.
Complete hospital equipping includes: operating room, ICU, sterilization, laboratory, and radiology, outpatient clinics, emergency department, medical and non medical furniture.

3 - Sole distributor:

Global medical is the sole distributor in Egypt for:

  • 1- Manual Autoclaves & steam sterilizers, Hot ovens (Tyumen Mediko, Russia).
  • 2- Water Distillers (Tyumen Mediko , Russia).
  • 3- Automatic Autoclaves (Trans-signal, Russia).
  • 4- Ultrasound (LEO , China).
  • 5- Monitor ,Pulse Oximeter (Infunix , Korea).
  • 6- Laboratory Equipment (Apel, Japan).
  • Qyuam & Elahisons, Pakistan: Surgical instruments.
  • Hospital Manufacture equipment, India: delivery sundries & Ambo bag.
  • Techno Medica, Russia: Billirubin meter.
  • Mediform ,Greece :Diapers.
  • Meditech &contec , China : monitor ,pulse oximeter.
4 - After sale Services:

Global medical has a department for after sale services and maintenance of medical equipment. This department consists of a group of qualified engineers and technicians. All spare parts of these equipment are available all over the year. The response of these engineers do not exceed 24 hours .

5 - Manifacturing of Medical Furniture & disposables:

Global Medical has a share of 20% of Euromed Company Egypt, Euromed Company is a medical manufacture company in the free zone of Egypt. Its main products are:

  • Medical furniture.
  • Medical disposables like I.V Cannula, syringes, ..etc.
  • Ambulance equipping.

The company has ISO, FDA, CE mark and GMP (a local certificate from Ministry of Health) certificates. It exports its products out side Egypt mainly to most of the Arab countries, USA, UK, and Brazil.


Global tech

Established in 2013. We are specialized in drug registration, evolution of drugs , food supplement & cosmetics, pharmacovigilance studies by equivalent study and training of pharmaceutical staff for quality control & quality assurance.

Global Group

Consultant And Specialist in Plastic Surgery & Hospitals Hygiene